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Sustainable Development

Mbende Junction Limbe, P.O BOX 1028 Limbe, Cameroon

Empowerment of the Internally Displaced and Physically Challenged

BAWAC is working with internally displaced persons especially the physically challenged between the ages of 15-35 in skills acquisition and Entrepreneurship.

Here, BAWAC is building capacities, transcending differences and encouraging social cohesion through skills acquisition of 50 handicap persons.  

The needs of the physically challenges persons range from material to human resources. Training materials in Tailoring, Baking and Arts and Crafts especially in Beads craft is needed to enhance the trainings. 

The needs/materials for their training are:

  • Tailoring - sewing machines, sewing materials (cotton & polyester)
  • Arts & Crafts - Beads, cloth materials, beads making needles, beads sewing machine, beads making accessories
  • Hair dressing - Hair dryers, hair washing bowls, roller's baskets and other accessories
  • Materials for making reusable pads and menstrual bangles for adolescent handicap girls and women.

The expected results of this target population will be an increase in knowledge, increase in skills, increased self-esteem and self-confidence and a more positive outlook for the future.