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Mother of Hope Cameroon

Empower to Transform



About Mother of Hope Cameroon

The Mother of Hope Cameroon abbreviated as (MOHCAM) created in Cameroon is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Making, Non-Religious and Non-Political Organization.

MOHCAM sensitizes, empowers and transforms underprivileged women and girls to attain their full potentials in life while taking into consideration the relevant social, economic and ecological aspects to guarantee a sustainable human development.


Through studies, research, training, technical, logistical, human and financial support and especially exchange of experiences in the field, the organization intends to:

-Empower women and girls’ victims of gender-based violence

-Ensure victim’s rights and protection

-Empower women and girls on sexual reproductive health rights

-Train women and girls on information and communication technology

-Encourage and promote the development of personal skills among women and girls

-Organize workshops and seminars, partly in cooperation with other organizations

-Scout for funds to assist their economic activities for a better livelihood